We Interviewed Rad Train Conductor Jimmy Riha

jimmy riha hitting ramps

1) How did you first get into longboarding? What year was it?

I first got into skateboarding when my parents picked up one of them crazy scooter skateboard things… You could take the scooter part off and or fold it down and have a skateboard. I was like 6…

I really started to find out what its all about when my friend at the time, Josh Hunt got a job at Sector 9. He met Jeff Budro and some of the other guys at the factory who where “bombing hills” and I wanted in on the fun. I was 16 by then and was stoked!

2) What is your favorite setup? 

One you can have fun on 😉 i’m not picky when it comes down to set-ups its just gotta act like a skateboard and or be a skateboard. I do like to play around on my own shapes time to time.

muirskate downhill disco

3) DH, Freeride, or Slalom? 

SKATEBOARD! I am not a fan of categorizing skateboarding. I keep it on 4 wheels, hitting parks, hills, allys, banks and what ever else comes into play. But its rad to see new events specified for surtent things we all like to do.. I.E. Down hill races, Free ride sessions and or…

4) How did you first learn how to slide? 

I first learned how to slide when I originally started going down hills…. I wanted to figure out how to stop and at least try to be a bit safer. Its strange to me to see shredders who can do standup slides and all that cool stuff but cant put their hand down and come to a complete stop. Me and my friends where getting session going progressing every week ….

5) Where’s your favorite longboarding event? 

My Favorite longboard event is in Canada, GIANTS HEAD FREE RIDE!!!

6) What do you like to do when you’re not riding? 

I like to chill when im not skating, I usually skate a lot so that down time is used to re-build strength and plan out the next fun event to check out. Or school….

7) Where do you see the sport in 5 years? 

I see the sport hopefully going into the Olympics in the next 5 years, that would be rad… or maybe the x games something where we get to be on the big screen!

8) For those that haven’t heard of Rad Train, can you please tell us more about Rad Train, and tell us the mission?

The Rad Train is comprised of a crew of us who all skate and are pretty active in the scene working together when time abides to bring you skate media, if its product reviews or session videos or even some event coverage. Be sure to hop on aboard and check it all out.

9) If fans want to hop aboard the rad train, and spread the stoke. What would be the best way?

Hell yeah, hop on aboard the train! Check out these links!


Personal Facebook

Rad Train’s Facebook

Youtube Channel

jimmy riha laguna seca

10) Inn N Out or 5 Guys?

Inn N out for the price, 5 guys for the taste.

11) Top Mounts or Drop Throughs? 


12) Favorite longboarding video?

Second nature of course

13) Where do you get your longboard fix from? Any specific longboard mag, or website?

I get my fix from going out and skating. Gathering the troops and mobbing down hills!

14) Who’s your favorite longboarder?

I don’t have one, there are to many of us out there now to have one. My top 3 are of course, JM Duran, Ethan Lau and Darryl Freeman

15) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

I would like to fight the big bad son of a bitch! Haha a horse sized duck would be a great dinner.

16) What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone?

Been going fast for a wile but have only hit 70 a couple times.

17) When do you expect to see hoverboards by?

I expect to see hoverboards by late 2020…. Hoverboard racing any one?

18) Have you tried peanut butter, nutella, and banana sammiches?

I have, and it’s one of the better skate snacks out there for sure! Cures any hungry monster!

19) Anything you would like to say to the longboarding community?


Jimmy Riha Shredding

laguna seca longboarding



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