Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review

Tim Bogart longboarding

Stoked to announce Tim Bogart will be riding for Legit! In his very first post, he cored a set of Venom Curb Stompers & documented the journey:

Hey guys Tim here, I’m going to do a review today for Legit Boardshop. Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review: These are some of the newest wheels in Venom’s freeride line up. These longboard wheels have the same formula that their cannibals have, so from my past experience with them I am very hopeful about these wheels! Some specs be on these wheels: they are 61 mm tall, and have an 82a duro meter with a center set core.

Curb Stompers have a very similar shape to the seismic crybabies, and also come stoneground (so you don’t have to break them in with hand down slides). They are ready to slide right out the box.

One thing I have noticed is that they are really, really predictable. Every single slide I threw, I knew exactly what was going to happen. These wheels leave some pretty decent thane lines, and I weigh about 200 pounds. I’ve ridden these wheels for about 3 sessions now, and they have only worn for 7-10mm. Was expecting them to be cored after a single session, but I’m both really surprised and happy with the durability of these wheels.

As for the type of riding done, I took them down multiple types of runs. Some with some spins involved, also took them down some faster runs. With the goal of laying down some longer slides. Also took them down some runs where I just did some mellow slides, just trying to shave off some speed & stay in control.

Being center-set, it was really nice being able to flip them around and not have to worry about it. Very chalky not very buttery. They still slide very smoothly, but its more of a chalky feeling, with a very good resistant of the slide. Now when I say resistant, I mean the kick on them is  pretty easy. When you’re sliding it feels like you’re sliding a wheel that feels like it’s giving you enough resistance to slow you down… when in reality it’s not slowing you down too much. Also the hook on them wasn’t too bad. At $40 these wheels would be good for slide jams, or for some nice freeride sessions. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend these wheels for would be Downhill Longboarding. The reason being, they are 61mm.

Check out the Venom Curb Stompers Here:



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