Uses for Duct Tape in Longboarding

Uses for Duct Tape in Longboarding

Duct tape, since its invention, has been one of the most useful tools known to man. Duct tape is useful in almost any situation, and Uses for Duct Tape in Longboarding are limitless.

Enhancing your board

It seems that everyone has learned how to stack griptape in order to make extra concave on their boards recently. However, griptape can easily be substituted for duct tape. Duct tape is cheaper; and easier to manipulate and stack. Simply layer the duct tape wherever you want in order to add concave and shape. Another use of duct tape is building grab rails under the board so your slide gloves don’t slip off of your board when you grab it. You can either stack it to make something to hold on to, or just put a single piece to help you get a grip.

First Aid

One use of duct tape is something I learned at a cheap snow resort. I saw someone who broke their arm, and the first aid station took cardboard boxes and duct tape to build a makeshift cast or splint. Simply add cardboard to hold the arm in place, then use duct tape to secure it. Duct tape can also be combined with cloth to close open wounds like a bandage, or to apply it directly to large cuts in order to hold them closed.

Temporary Board Repairs

I once skated to a spot that was several miles away, skated for a few minutes, and then had a wheel fall off. I had to search for the wheel for a while, but when I found it, it only had 1 bearing in it. The other bearing and axle nut were nowhere to be found, so I had to get creative. I put the wheel with one bearing on backwards so it was closer to the hanger, and I covered the end of the axle with several layers of duct tape in place of an axle nut. I was able to ride it over 2 miles home, and only had to fix it once. The moral of the story: in a pinch, duct tape can make your board ride-able and get you home, and you are better off with it than getting stuck without it.

Shoe Repairs

Longboarders tend to go through a lot of shoes. You get holes in the soul or the sides, then you get holes in your socks, and then your feet. You can use pieces of duct tape to cover holes either from the outside or the inside of the shoe. There are more permanent solutions to beat shoes, but duct tape provides a good at-spot solution to the problem.

Written By: Robert Green



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