How To Fix Remember Pee Wees That Won’t Fit On Caliber Trucks

remember pee wees dont fit

Team Rider Rob Green recently copped a set of the new Orange Remember Pee Wees. Like many others before him, he noticed his Caliber Trucks and Remember Pee Wees didn’t quite get along like Peanut Butter & Nutella. Here’s his Macgyver like technique for using nothing more than everyday items most longboarders have, to quickly and painlessly remedy the situation.

If you have Caliber trucks and Remember Peewees wheels, you may have noticed that in some cases, the inside lip near the core of the wheel can make contact with the hanger of the truck.  This may also be the case with other trucks, but so far Calibers are the only ones I have seen to have this issue with Remember Peewees.  In my case the wheel hardly touched the truck, but it still caused a noticeable difference in speed.  Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix.

how to modify pee wees

I found two methods of fixing the issue, using a razor blade to carve off the part of urethane that was rubbing against the truck, or using a piece of sandpaper (in my case Blood Orange Griptape) to sand off the part causing the problem.

remember collective pee wees

To cut the urethane, you need an extremely sharp blade.  I used a brand new razor blade, because even the slightly used one that I cut griptape with was too dull.   Just simply cut into the wheel a few millimeters, and then move the blade along the edge, cutting just a small sliver of urethane out as you go along. Be very careful and cut away from yourself as much as possible if you use this method.

sanding down remember pee wee

The sand paper method was also effective, but more time consuming.  Just take a piece of sandpaper and rub it firmly against the problem area until it no longer makes contact with the truck when you put it in the wheel.  This took me quite a while, but if you keep working on it eventually it will solve the issue.

Another couple possible substitutes to griptape could be sandpaper or a file. Gently widen the area until you get the clearance necessary to utilize the set-up.



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