LAX Zion Longboard

$109.98 $69.95


LAX Zion Longboard

$109.98 $69.95

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I’ve worked closely with Churchill MFG for about 3 years now. They have always delivered high quality longboards at rock bottom prices. They have been able to accomplish this by offering everything you need, without any of the extras. Churchill recently got a 5 axis CNC machine, and used it to carve out some brand new precision tooling. With these tools they were able to create a premium line of Churchill longboards.

What’s so great about the LAX Line?

LAX Longboards use a lamination process never before done by other longboard manufacturers. They laminate precious veneers with a Vario Super Resin Glue, combined with one of the most innovative printing processes in the world. The end result is a beautiful hand crafted longboard deck. Featuring one of the highest resolution graphics around, that won’t chip off the next time your board scrapes a curb.

LAX Zion Longboard Specs

Length – 42.25 Inches

Width –  10 Inches