Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a Orange 70mm Freeride Wheels


70mm Freeride Wheels
Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a

Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a Orange 70mm Freeride Wheels


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Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a Reviews

The perfect freeride wheel that does exactly what you want it to. Great for learning slides on with a good slip-to-grip ratio. Excellent roll speed for their size, what more could you want from a wheel? -Gabriel11798

The Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a wheels are great for anything from cruising around town to doing fast freeride. Their large cores allow faster roll speeds. Slides are extremely smooth and predictable, there’s no guess work. These wheels don’t dump thane, so don’t expect too many after session pics, but that means they last longer: saving money in the long run. Overall, this wheel is top of the line. -Raxor53

Thank you to Gabriel11798 & Raxor53, our friends from reddit’s /r/longboarding community, for taking the time to give their feedback on the Zombie Mini Hawgs 70mm 84a Orange.

Zombie Mini Hawgs 84a Stats

mini zombie freeride wheels

Zombie Mini Hawgs Video

Watch the following video showing what these badass wheels have the potential of unleashing!