Zombie Mini Hawgs 70mm 86a Teal


zombie hawgs 86a

Zombie Mini Hawgs 70mm 86a Teal


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Zombie Mini Hawgs Review

“Zombie Mini Hawgs 70mm 86a Teal Wheels are meant for a big dude (or dudette) and will make the most roughest of roads a smooth ride. They are also fun for sliding and carving and just general cruising. They are also good for pedestrian slalom. However due to their size watch out for the wheels bite! My personal experience is I got them along with my land yachts drophammer (very fun board) and was blown away from how fun they are. Overall very nice wheels 10/10 would ride again.”

We would like to thank BecomingTheArchtype from reddit’s longboarding community for taking the time to write out his personal experience with these wheels. 70mm wheels are my go to size, from my experience running with a half inch riser eliminates most wheel bite. I’m not giving out any guarantees, each situation is different, but half inch risers are a good start.

Zombie Mini Hawgs Stats

mini zombie freeride wheels

Zombie Mini Hawgs Video

Watch the following video showing what these badass wheels have the potential of unleashing!