Boss Hawgs 78a Wheels White 70mm


boss hawgs 78a wheels

Boss Hawgs 78a Wheels White 70mm


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Boss Hawgs 78a Wheels Review

The Landyachtz Boss Hawgs 78a Wheels are THE  textbook free riding wheels. If you are looking to cruise around the town, or do some massive slides these wheels have got you covered. With the perfect balance between grip and slip they can handle just about anything. Grab a set today! – redditor AntiGrief

So i got a set with skateslate, and they slide sooo smooth, a mix of buttery and sugar. The kickout is a good inbetween, has some resistence, but not really. The hookup if is pretty smooth too, but if your weight is distributed weird, it can hookup pretty harsh. Has a very good roll speed, cause of the vented core, and also doesnt wear to fast for a 78a wheel. Overall really awesome wheel. – redditor T1BBETTS

We would like to express our gratitude to both AntiGrief  & T1BBETTS, from reddit’s longboarding community, for taking the time to give their first hand experience with these wheels.

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Boss Hawgs 78a Wheels Video

See what these Boss wheels can do: