Boss Hawgs 70mm 76a

$48.00 $39.95

boss hawgs freeride wheels
boss hawgs freeride wheels

Boss Hawgs 70mm 76a

$48.00 $39.95

The following are reviews of Boss Hawgs 70mm 76a straight from longboarders that have ridden them:

nsanely smooth. Don’t be fooled by the crazy low duro, cuz it feels more like 80a. Hands down the most controllable wheel I’ve ever ridden. I feel like I can choose exactly what will happen with every slide. They slide a long ways and last a long time! The rolls speed is crazy good with the fsu core, and they come stone ground. This wheel has almost no downsides except maybe some possible Chunking once it gets really small.

These wheels don’t really thane, but No thane lines=more money in your pocket and more skating.

Thank you to our friend from reddit: pentobean1! He took the time to write out this review.

hawgs longboard wheels

Boss Hawgs 70mm 76a Specs

Diameter – 70mm
Width – 46mm
Durometer – 76a
Contact Patch – 32mm
Finish – Stoneground
Core – Centerset