DB Cosmonaut Longboard


db cosmonaut

DB Cosmonaut Longboard


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Product description

No catchy puns, no bs. I’ve ridden this board for the past couple of months and it is Legit. Constructed from both Bamboo and Maple it has the best of both worlds, Flex of the bamboo and the stiffness of the maple. This unique drop shape offers you a lowered center of gravity, and the concaves lock you in for those legit slides. This board does it all. Trust us – it’s out of this world. (Grip not included)


  • 9 ply Bamboo-Maple Hybrid
  • Shred Wedge Technology at front and rear
  • Nose and Tail Kicks
  • Mellow Concave Throughout

DB Cosmonaut Longboard Specs:

  • Length: 41”
  • Width:  9.5”
  • Wheelbase:  28.5”
  • Weight: 3lbs 11oz
  • Truck interface:  Top-mount