Penny Killer Churchill Manufacturing (Complete)


Penny Killer Churchill Manufacturing (Complete)


Penny Longboard

There is no “skateboard” I hate more than the Penny Longboard. For those of you who have never†encountered a Penny Longboard, they are†obnoxiously†bright, ugly, cheaply manufactured, plastic, Chinese†longboards.ANY retailer can purchase them wholesale for less than 20 dollars a board, and GREEDY retailers turn around and RIP OFF longboarders by selling it for as much as a 500% mark up! That is 5 times what these manufacturers paid per board ($100 for a complete)

When I started this company, I promised myself to support honest American Manufacturers over Chinese made products. A lot of local high schoolers around Southern California come up to me & ask if I carry Penny Longboards. Not only do we not carry them, we NEVER will carry those chinese toys. Thank you for supporting Legit Board Shop, an honest shop founded by longboarders, operated by longboarders, fighting to keep the sport of longboarding Legit!

Penny Killer Churchill Manufacturing

We at Legit Board Shop pride ourselves with being an honest company looking out for the Longboarding community. For this very reason we were stoked to find out about Churchill Manufacturing. They are a very honest company, making the highest quality longboards, and selling them for a very little markup directly to the longboarding community.

Legit Board Shop would rather support an American based Manufacturer, delivering a far more superior product! Rather than support a manufacturer based in China manufacturing plastic board with sub-par & sketchy “abec 9” bearings. Churchill Manufacturing makes longboards using the highest quality materials, and has figured out a way to manufacture a genuinely Legit longboard that blows the Penny Longboards manufactured in China out of the water. For this very reason, these longboards were labeled the Penny Killers.

Think about it would you rather ride a cheap plastic longboard you paid 100 dollars for? Don’t even waste 10 dollars on a penny board! Instead save your 10 dollars, and save another 6 dollars to purchase yourself a quality longboard, manufactured from high quality maple.

Churchill Penny Kill Complete Comes With:

Penny Kill Deck

Churchill Red Eye Wheels

Legit Grip Tape

Churchill Bearings & Trucks




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