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Churchill Kray Complete Longboard

From: $99.98

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Churchill Kray Complete Longboard

From: $99.98

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The Churchill Kray is one of the most popular longboards Churchill offers. It’s popularity is fueled by it’s ability to be used by the person looking for their first longboard, and the seasoned rider that likes coring a set of wheels in one sesh. If you’re looking for an agile board capable of taking your abuse, this is the board for you. The Churchill Kray set-up is the absolute best value around for riders looking for their first board. For more seasoned riders interested in customizing the board with their favorite trucks & wheels, click here to check out just the deck itself.


Deck: 39×9″ Drop Through Double Kick Maple Deck

Truck: RKP 180 Trucks

Wheels: Churchill White Owl 70mm Stone Ground Wheels

Bearings: Churchill NINERS ABEC 9 Precision Bearings

Spacers: Black Iron Bearing Spacers

Hardware: 1.25″ Churchill Hardened Drop Through Hardware

Grip Tape: Churchill Black Super Grip Tape

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Beginner (Stock 180mm Trucks & Churchill White Owl Wheels ), Downhill (44 degree Caliber Trucks & 70mm Cadillac Hot Pursuit Wheels), Freeride (50 degree Paris Trucks & 70mm Amber Freerides)