65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan 80a Longboard Skateboard Wheels

$44.95 $38.00

blood orange liam morgan 65mm 80a wheels
blood orange 65mm 80a wheels

65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan 80a Longboard Skateboard Wheels

$44.95 $38.00

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65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan 80a is the newest line of longboard wheels from the minds of Blood Orange & Liam Morgan. This wheel was created with 3 key features in mind:

Sugary Slide

Two things skaters avoid at all costs, icy wheels & super grippy wheels that chatter, bounce, or chunks. This formula was perfected with the goal of offering super smooth, consistent & sugary slides.

Long Thick Thane Lines

Just like your teacher that would make you show your work, every longboarder enjoys being able to turn around & see streaks left behind from their slide.


Wheels to Cover Every Occasion

The title says it all, this wheel was created to handle everything that a rider can throw it at, without sacrificing from anything mentioned above.

Inside every wheel in the lineup is a big, wide “saddle core” which provides extra support to keep the wheel stable while sliding… giving you a longer more predictable slide.

blood orange liam morgan 80a