70mm Abec11 Stone Ground Classic FreeRide Longboard Wheels


70mm Abec11 Stone Ground Classic FreeRide Longboard Wheels




Diameter: 70mm
Width: 46.5mm
Core: aprox 37mm
Contact Patch: 35mm
Durometer: 78a pink, 81a amber, 84a blue
Core Placement: offset
Lip Profile: Rounded
Wheel Surface: Stoneground

I don’t want to give you the same description you’ve seen on every other site. If you aren’t familiar with Abec11’s Freeride wheel it’s one of the most respected longboard wheels on the market. Abec11 is mixing things up by offering the same freeride mold we’ve all come to love in 3 classic abec11 durometers (78a pink, 81a amber, 84a blue)

If you have ever ridden Abec11’s amber, pink, or blue thane then you know exactly what to expect. One thing to take notice of on these wheels is the stone ground finish they come with.Whether you’re a novice longboarder looking for a wheel to learn to slide on, or an expert rider looking for a fun wheel to take to their next slide jam. The stone ground finish will allow you to enjoy slides right out of the box. These bad boys will require zero break in period!

As soon as we got these wheels in stock, Team Rider Dylan and I went out to test them out for ourselves. If you’re looking for a wheel that will dump loads of thane. You won’t be dissapointed with the 84a blue Freerides. My only advice is to avoid chunderous roads with the 84a.

I’ll wrap this product description up on this note. Expect to see a very details review within the next several days, along with a video showcasing exactly what these bad boys are capable of achieving!

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