How to Remove Griptape

Old Grip Tape

One of the fastest things anyone can do to quickly improve both the look and ride of their longboard is regripping their ride. We wrote this post to take the pain out of the process & show how to efficiently Remove Griptape. There are multiple ways of removing old grip tape from one’s deck, there is no “right way”. I like my technique because it is the most efficient method I have found of both removing the old grip tape, and the glue residue that is often times left behind.

The Old Way

The typical method of removing grip tape is to grab a razor blade and start peeling griptape from the top of the deck. (until a slip of the old grip tape is exposed) Often times Longboarders or skateboarders will start peeling the grip tape using as much force as they can muster up. This will work fine when trying to remove old grip tape, however often times the old glue remains stuck to the board. Thus resulting in an additional step of using Goo-Gone to scrape the old glue off the deck.

Efficiently Remove Griptape

After countless times of removing grip tape from my decks, I looked for ways of improving the process. I found that using a standard blow dryer & flat-head screwdriver or razor blade work wonderfully well together in both removing the old griptape & glue residue at the same time. The warm heat loosens the glue preventing it from sticking to the deck when the griptape is peeled away.

We love hearing from our fans! Therefore if any fan has a unique method of removing their griptape we would love to hear about it! Write up a 300 word post describing your method & send it our way to as our way of saying thank you we will send you over some goodies!

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