What good are wheels if they don’t have something within them to get spinning? Most of the time if a wheel ain’t a’ spinnin’, you probably forgot to put bearings in them. Some people don’t think bearing quality is important, and while the notion that “a bearing is a bearing is a bearing” may hold true in the sense that, if you have bearings in your wheels, your wheels will spin, bearing quality plays a large role in determining just how well those wheels will spin. With bearing brands like Seismic Skate, Eximius, and Magic Bearings, Legit Board Shop is more than prepared for the Bearing-shortage apocalypse (Mark your calendars, DECEMBER 21st 2012!) We carry a nifty array of bearings so that you can pick the shiny spinners that are ideal for you and your longboard. If you’re planning on hauling badonkadonk down some high-grade hills, you’ll need some speedy bearings to keep up with you. For the faster stuff, Legit Board Shop carries Seismic Tektons, engineered with precision and speed in mind. If you want bearings that will stand the test of time, take a look at the tough-as-nails Eximius Rotelius Bearings. And for everything in between, Legit Board Shop carries Magic Racing, Shroom, and Trick Bearings to keep you rolling without stopping anytime soon.

Unfortunately, like all things in life, Bearings don’t stay brand new forever. To make sure your bearings are always spinning to the best of their ability, maintain them with proper Lubrication from Eximius. Eximius Fluid X, Fluid 2 and Fluid 4 lubricants help protect your bearings from corrosion, resist water-washout, and keep your bearings spinning smoothly and quickly, with minimal hiccups. Bearings are more important than you may think, and to insure that you’ll be rolling properly, here at Legit Board Shop we carry quality bearing brands that you can trust, and the items necessary to keep them rolling for a very, very long time.