Longboarding With Friends Can Save Your Life

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This video has recently gone viral. For those that haven’t seen it the video involves a longboarder shreding it up then eating it, he slides across the street and before he could hit his head on the curb his friend swoops it and gently catches his head like a delicate basket of eggs. These friends demonstrated three of the most important rules in longboarding.

Rule #1

You should always have a friend record your run if you’re pushing the limits. The road might be feeling right, you never know when you might get the courage or the clarity to finally get that 60 foot standie you have been trying to land. Just saying when that moment happens, no better feeling than getting it on tape.

Rule #2

Always wear a helmet when you skate, i’m not here to lecture you. When you start driving the government makes you get insurance. Think of wearing a helmet as your personal insurance, nothing worse than bailing or flying off your board and in mid flight thinking I should have wore my helmet.

Rule #3

Roll with numbers, some of my favorite runs either have intersections in between them or at the end. These blind turns are almost impossible to navigate on your own. Its a smart idea to roll with friends and take turns calling out blind corners. Longboarding with friends has other benefits, when you skate with friends sometimes people push each other. In this case longboarding with friends may have saved this longboarder a bill full of injuries. Even with a helmet on the impact of hitting a curb can be catastrophic on both the brain or spinal cord.

If you want to check out out the video of Longboarder Adam being a Gaurdian Angel & thus save his friend’s life Click on the link bellow. Enjoy 🙂

Longboarding With Friends Can Save Your Life



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