Longboarding Etiquette: Spot Courtesy

Ever since the dawn of skateboarding, trespassing has been a part of the game. Because of this, skateboarders have gotten a reputation of being less than law abiding citizens. Owners of private property and businesses would rather not have “this type” of person hanging around their property. Spot Courtesy can mitigate the chances of having your favorite spot blown.

So, we get kicked out, what can we do about it? Longboarders and skateboarders need to help the world realize that we aren’t out to cause trouble, or destroy property. There are 4 aspects of Spot Courtesy every longboarder can do, to prevent their favorite spot from getting their spot blown. If you shred a local spot, chances are so do other longboarders, here is how you can help keep longboarding legit:

Spot Courtesy


It is one thing to leave behind thane lines, but leaving trash behind is almost guaranteed to get the cops called on you the next time you skate there. Almost everyone has thrown a piece of trash on the floor at one point in their lives. The next time you see a piece of litter at your favorite spot, clean it up. Even though its not your trash, think of all the people that have picked up a wrapper you tossed, or a fast food bag you left behind! Graffiti and tagging are guaranteed to get you kicked out as well.

Keep it down

Don’t be too loud at a spot, obviously it helps to not draw attention, and it is less invasive to the business or property you are trespassing on.

Watch your Language

This goes along with volume, but in itself is very important. Most people don’t care about what is going on outside, however if a family is chilling on their lawn while you scream F#$K at the top of your lungs will definitely get the attention of most parents.

Be Respectful

When you get kicked out (and at some point you will) leave politely. This is the worst mistake people make. If you yell and fight with the person kicking you out, it is much more likely they will just call the police the next time they see you. When you behave yourself (no matter how badly you want to retaliate) hopefully they will recognize that you are just out to have fun and not cause trouble; they will be less likely to spoil your fun the next time you come around.

Remember, you aren’t just being courteous to property owners; you are helping other longboarders and skateboarders by improving the image of skaters in general. Unfortunately every time you skate on private property without permission, you are breaking the law. Make sure you keep this in mind when you get kicked out. You can be fined for trespassing; so, just leave politely. Go back to the spot a few days later. Keep going back, and if you follow my advice, hopefully the owners will get used to the presence of skateboarders and let you get back to shredding.

Goal of Spot Courtesy

The last thing the longboarding community wants is for communities coming together to ban longboarding within their city. This has happened in numerous communities, only you can prevent this from happening to yours!

Written by Rob Green




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