Legit Board Shop Writer Rob Green

We are proud of the writers at Legit Board Shop, and would like our fans to know the authors behind some of your favorite posts! Here is Legit Board Shop Writer Rob Green’s bio.

Hi, my name’s Rob Green. I am one of the blog writers here at LegitBoardshop.com, I’m also a team rider for Blue Sky Longboards. I have been with Legit for a couple months and Blue Sky since the summer. I am into freestyle and freeride, but I am exploring into the world of distance pushing and push racing. I have been longboarding for over two years, but I have been cruising on a skateboard for longer than that.

My board sponsor: Blue Sky Longboards, is a new-ish company that is making waves in the community. With the motto “Pushing wood and doing good” the positive outlook of the company is clear and infectious. My friends Matt Burke and his son Noah started the company together with hopes of spreading the stoke and helping the world, and have done just that.

While I do love spending a day on the hill: working on getting my standies longer, or a day at the skate-park getting new tricks on lock, I’m also content with just cruising all day and having a good time. For me, longboarding has always been an outlet, a stress reliever, and a cool way to hang out with friends. It is something that is fun, and always should be. Longboarding is more of a passion than a sport to me, but I also enjoy some competition every once in a while.

I’m not just a longboarder, I’m also a guitarist, high-school student and amateur photographer. Here is a sample of my photography:

I have been playing guitar for a few years and just recently got into photography. Music and photography are just more ways to express myself and have a good time. Finding passion in activities is important to me, mainly because my average school day is mundane and boring.

(Me and my Gibson Les Paul Studio)

Now that you know a little about me, hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of my blogs here on LegitBoardShop.com in the future.  Remember, always do good, and keep it LEGIT.



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