Laissez Faire Warmonger Review

The Warmonger is one of the boards in the Freeride lineup from a company called Laissez Faire (Pronounced lesā ˈfer, meaning “allow to do” in French.). Based out of Wilmington North Carolina, Laissez Faire has been making boards since 2014, and I believe the Warmonger to be one of the best versatile top mount directional boards on the market.

Coming in at 37.5” long, 9.629” wide and sporting a 24”-26” wheelbase with a kicktail, the Warmonger meets just about all of the criteria of a basic do-all directional topmount. Through my own use, I found the tail of the Warmonger to be very useable for dropping off of curbs, popping small ollies, and hitting kickers. Though the board is 8 Plys and on the heavier side fully set up, I found the weight to not be a problem . The tail has plenty of pop. The nose is not very pronounced but it can still be used to pop the board up into your hands.

By far one of my favorite features  of the Warmonger is the wheel wells. I weigh 150 pounds and ride Cast Ronins with 90a/93a Venom talls and a ⅛” hard riser. The wells leave plenty of room for me to really dig into the lean of CRonins without getting wheelbite and eating it. The only time I have ever gotten wheelbite using this board is messing around flat ground using DH wheels. I am very confident that I could run Large wheels such as Orangatang Kegels or Seismic speed vents and not get wheelbite at speed. What is most impressive is I can do all of this while there is fairly deep Flush Mounting to cancel the wedge angle from the rocker.

warmonger wheel well

The Warmonger was definitely built with Freeride in mind. It has Radial Concave 0.6” deep between Wheel Flairs which protrude from the deck 0.7”. There is also ½” of rocker running from nose to tail, which I find “cradles” you in a tuck. The combination of all of these features really do make a comfortable, and practical Freeride board. When skating I found there was no uncomfortable place to put your feet, it all just works. The wheel flairs in the front and back give a lot of reference to where your feet are without looking down, as well as give a lot of meat to really dig into while railing corners and busting out toesides.

warmonger freeride

To sum it up:

Laissez Faire Warmonger, single kick directional top mount freeride/dh monster.

warmonger concave

37.5” Long

9.625” Wide

Wheelbase Adjustable between 24” and 26”

Wheel Flairs

0.6” of Radial Concave

½” of Rocker

Full specifications available at

Written by Quinn Browne





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