John Harlan

Years Skating:  3 years skating/2 taking it seriously.
Go to Setup: Threesix Downhill topmount, don’t trip skateboards shrooms 175mm 50/35, remember savannah slammas, or Venom Cannibals, magic shrooms
Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses? I would rather fight one horse sized Frasco.
Preferred manufacturer for each aspect
  • Deckthreesix,
  • Cast Trucks: Caliber
  • Precision Trucks: Don’t Trip Skateboards
  • Bushings: Venom or Riot,
  • Wheels: Venom for Downhill, Remember Collective for freeride.
Favorite place to skate: hmmm, nashville TN has some pretty fun hills, but nothing can beat the Texas skate scene. 
If you could skate with 1 person from any time in human history, who would it be? I would really enjoy a session with King David from the Bible because he did a lot of badass shit.
Favorite event: I like Angies Curves because its the gnarliest and safest race out there, my favorite event I have been to was the Duke of Earl downhill race this past summer because i took a lot of runs on a fun hill and met a bunch of people from around Texas.
Favorite Book: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, kinda boring I know but it was a fun read and put a lot of things in perspective for me.
Favorite movie: Rush because its such a great depiction of the emotions that go into racing. It tells the story of Hunt and Lauda in the most perfect way possible. 
Worst Crash: I haven’t had a really hard slam in a long time due to (mostly) responsible riding, but the first month i bombed the biggest hill i knew of on my shitty zumiez board and put a pretty nice scar into my hip. 
What’s your dream deck, trucks, wheel, bearing set-up? The one I’m riding. Threesix topmount, Don’t Trip Shrooms, Venom Cannibals, Magic Shrooms with Skanunu bearing cleaner and lube.
Craziest skate story: On a recent skate trip to Austin Texas we called up one of our friends grandmothers to see if she would buy us dinner. When we got to her house we found out she couldn’t go to dinner because she had a “friend” over from Houston who was in town for “landscaping work” but we pieced together that it really was a booty call. 
Met_____while skating: I met Nolan “grab ass” Frasco while skating. 
Favorite part about working for legitboardshop: My favorite part about riding for Legit is being involved with a team that reaches from the east coast scene, all the way to cali. its a great resource for me and i am glad to be able to give something back.



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