Jacob Johnston

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Jacob Johnston has not been a stranger to the guys at Legit Board Shop. We’re happy to announce one of the newest additions to the team: Jacob Johnston!

Years skating

Three and a half years, two and a half sideways.

Position at legit

Team rider

Go-to setup –

Right now, a Jati Karate Chop covered in various pieces of Vicious with red Bear Kodiaks held together by Roger Bro’s hardware, rolling on 80a Orangatang Keanus (for now) and Magic Shrooms for freeride. For downhill I use the same setup with James Kelly influences, Waterloo Rallies or Cadillac Hot Pursuits depending on the road.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses?

One horse sized duck. I’m a small dude, so just imagine it like that scene where Legolas takes that Oliphaunt down. That’s basically it. Also, think of all the soup that could be made.

Preferred manufacturer for each aspect –

Wow, this is really hard. I’d have to go with Jati or Madrid for boards, Rogue for trucks, even though I don’t really have any, it’s a purchase I plan to make somehwere. Magic for bearings and mostly Cadillac for wheels but I pride myself in having a variety of wheels for different pavements.
Favorite place to skate –

Not North Carolina, it’s blown. Don’t come here.

But seriously, my favorite place has to be Asheville. It was just a ton of fun, there wasn’t really a point where I did not enjoy my time there.

If you could skate with 1 person from any time in human history, who would it be?

Uh, shucks. If we’re talking ANY person, I would bomb with Malcolm X or Marx. If we’re talking skater from history, probably Grant, really.

Favorite event

I have only been to a few, but my favorite was my first: the 2013 Greensboro summer slide jam. The host was super professional and helpful, judges were even and it was a really great time. My friend got a black eye at the prize toss from some ojooms.

Favorite book –

Lord of The Flies

Favorite movie –

Inglourious Basterds

Worst Crash 

Greensboro Slide Jam. People were going slow and doing a lot of slides, but I thought the hill was too slow and was tucking the whole way down to get as much speed to slide and maybe it was me who goof’d here, but I clapped because I saw this guy carving in to toeside where I was heading and I guess he was just in the zone because we slammed into each other, he bounced off me and I landed on my bottom two right ribs (bruised them up nicely) and got some pretty bad rash on my knees. The other guy was totally fine. We ended up both apologizing to each other and all was good. That’d have to be my worst crash.

What’s your dream deck, trucks, wheel, bearing set-up?

Valhalla Freki, 43 degree Rogues, Magic shrooms bearings and a good variety of wheels



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