Is Longboarding The Same As Skateboarding?

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We all have our reasons to do it: companionship, fame. For me, it’s all about the adrenaline rush. Some use skateboards to break free of gravity’s clutches; others embrace it with open arms. One thing we all have in common is turning a piece of wood on wheels, into an instrument to give gravity the middle finger.

 Skateboarding used to be considered a fringe activity; it used to be the tools of the dregs of society. Now skateboarding has taken the limelight, and has become mainstream. Winners of skate competitions regularly take home checks in the hundreds of thousands. On the other hand longboarding competitions get organized by longboarders that do whatever it takes to put together an event. Everything from putting together sponsors, to stacking hay bails for farmers in return for hay bails for the event. All this so that they could enjoy a fun filled day of skating with their friends. Those lucky few that podium will take home some gas money, and if it’s a super big event, maybe even a couple months worth of rent.

Whether you’re skateboarding or longboarding you have to pay to play. The price of admission is your time, money, & blood. Truth is, a vast majority of longboarders either used to skateboard, or still do. For this reason, longboarders are typically more accepting of skateboarders. They welcome them to the sport with open arms, give them advice to help avoid getting ripped off, provide them with the knowledge necessary to have a foundation to build on. People forget skateboarding used to be just as fringe a sport as longboarding is today. Skateboarders are so quick to look down on our sport, just as others used to look down on skateboarding.

When the world unfortunately suffered the loss of legend Jay Adams on Aug. 15, 2014, the sorrow from his loss echoed across both the skateboarding & longboarding communities. Jay Adams loved surfing waves, he viewed the world as his playground, and in doing so helped give birth to a new sport. I don’t give a fuck if you ride a skateboard or longboard, as long as you’re rolling on a piece of wood, and you pay for the privilege of doing what you love to do in blood, you belong to the same family.

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