Interview With A Badass: Longboarder Dizzy Jane

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Honored that Longboarder Dizzy Jane was down for this interview, Thank you Dizzy for your time!

How did you first get into longboarding?

Of course that’s always the first question! Well.. ever since I was little I’ve been around skateboarding with my brother, but not until I was at the ripe old age of 20 years young I first step on a “longboard” I wanted to take my snowboarding career in a more serious direction, so I was looking for something to keep my board skills up while the snow was melted away. Thus longboarding seemed the way to go, with carving, stand up slides and speed. My two really good friends Eleanor and Kelsey convinced me to go on a little push with them to Eleanors house. I had no idea what I was doing, they gave me a couple tips like putting my feet over the trucks to steer, I felt like such a noob. On the way home there was the slightest downhill, and of course my first time on a longboard, was the first time I experienced speed wobbles too. I aimed for the grass and bit into my shit sandwich, and it never tasted so good. I picked myself up, with the biggest grin on my face. I couldn’t wait to tell all my skater friends I loved eating shit! I wanted to continue this buffet for the rest of my life! Few days later, I went to the Landyachtz shop in Vancouver and bought my very first Landy Chinook longboard and gloves. I liked the dropped feeling of the board, made me feel like I was riding my snowboard. Of course I couldn’t begin skating until I bought my Triple 8 helmet from Replay boardshop in Abbotsford my local skate shop! Safety First! From there the Yardwaste boys have been teaching me everything I know since day 1. I owe everything to them. I love’em.

What’s your favorite set-up?

That’s a tough one. But easy too. To be completely honest, I’ve been riding the same set up basically since I started. All my gear has been a hand me down. But currently I’m riding a Rayne Piranha! WHICH I WILL SWEAR BY IS THE BEST BOARD EVER TO EXIST! Thanks to Dominique Vukorep for hooking it up with the Amazon at first, then later a Piranha! Friend sponsors are the best sponsors! 🙂 She takes good care of me!

But my dream set- up, thats a tough one. Still rayne piranha, and I’ve always dreamed about owning a pair of Aera trucks. You can certainly feel the precision under your feet. With that you have to pair that with some these wheels for a complete downhill dream.

How did you get your nickname?

Hahaha everyone always wonders this!! Same way anyone gets one, their friends give it to them! Well in highschool, my nick name was ‘dizane’ don’t ask me how or why, Aaron Graham just gave it to me! For those who don’t know my real name it’s Diane. Sorta close right? From there, I’ve been apart of an online group of stoner girls on “Girls Gone Weed” or for years now, and the theme for the girls is ______ jane, because we are all sisters of Mary Jane! 🙂 Dizane jane didnt sound right, so I shortened it to diz, and things just got dizzy from there! I’m so honoured to be apart of multiple families of wonder people in skateboarding and marijuana! Some of the most down to earth, sane people you’ll ever meet are skaters, and stoners.

Do you think there should be more co-ed longboard races?

I think everyone should stop making excuses and just skate 🙂 Girls, boys, we all got two feet and a heart beat! skate or die. #endingtheboygirlsegregation but thats not to say to eliminate categories all together. I like racing against the girls, and racing with the boys too! I think it’s important to show where everyone stands in their similar groups. I would not approve of a girls only race, I think it’s lame that girls want to be treated equal but then turn around and host girls only events, or worse make boys pay to skate when girls are free.. You can’t buy love. Skateboarding is for everyone. The only way you’ll get better is to push yourself outside your comfort zone, if that means getting slideways with the boys then do it! We gotta keep things exciting for the crowd! I’m all about putting on a show when I’m racing! It’s not all about winning, its about having fun and gaining valuable experience.

What’s your favorite color?

Hmmmmmm… I always have a tough time with this question.. And I usually respond with “my favourite color is a rainbow” 🙂 My favourite color is always changing! I love them all. I’m not a selfish person, I’m constantly looking at the big picture. If we were missing just one of the prime colors, the world would be a very different place. We wouldn’t see the world as we do. It would be selfish to only like one color, cause if one was missing, others will fade away too. But lately, purple things catch my eye 🙂

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

Fight? I’m not a violent fighter, but I do LOVE horses. So I would have to say I’d like to ride on a horse sized duck! Sounds like I would have to tame this wild beast before I could ride it, so if “breaking-in” is a type of fighting. I’d have one badass mount to fly to races on! 🙂 Problem solved.

Where do you see the sport in 5 years?

Hmmm.. I try not to live in the future, its a bad habit to have but, If I could look into a crystal orb, I would see myself travelling the world. I would see, red bull commercials! I would see, longboard sports channels maybe! x-games? Maybe just longboard commercials or maybe even a tv show? I know striker was on his way to making that happen! I would like to see some DOWNHILL PARKS! I would also like to see maybe, downhill licenses for skaters to be allowed on the roads. Lots can happen!

When do you expect to see hoverboards by?


My favorite stainis Maui Wowie, what’s your favorite?

Oooooo that`s a tough one! But one strain I`ve only ever had the pleasure of enjoying once was called `green crack` hahaha it was literally neon green! I have never been that stoned to this day. Dabs are always a treat too :3 I`m not picky if its sticky!

If you could spend 24 hours with anyone throughout history, & they have the same skating ability as you, who would you spend the day shredding with?


longboard girls draft train

Follow up to the previous question haha, if you could smoke a joint with anyone past or present who would it be?

Aw dude… My favourite talks are stoned ones.. Stephen hawking would have some pretty mind blowing shit to say! fo sho! But if I have to choose someone else it would be….. Bob marley of course hahaha obviously 😛

What are you doing when you’re not longboarding?

I`ve been working lots lately saving for next race season, typical stuff like chillin with friends, poking smot, I really like to paint when I have free time! Or I really really really like cleaning 🙂

What’s your favorite quote?

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, stays with me. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself, which would I rather live with?”

By Lance Armstrong

I believe anyone can learn a lot from this quote! Pain shows it`s face in many different forms, but all you need to know is how to breath in the bad and breath out the good. One breath at a time. It`s all apart of the big picture.

Or one that’s always stuck with me.. “anyone that skateboards, has a screw loose somewhere” By my good ol’ friend Raggie English.

What’s your favorite post longboard sesh meal?

Post-sesh some good old TACOS!! Yum. I really wish it could rain tacos.

Which city has been your favorite city you’ve skated?

Well I`ve done a little bit of travelling with the limited finances I`ve had.. I`ve been to the sunshine coast, kimberly, kelowna, california, goldendale.. Although I really enjoy skating my hometown Abbotsford with my homies, and Vancouver in the british properties, SANTA CRUZ will forever have a special place I think. Malachi Greene showed us around, and California roads are nothing like I`ve ever experienced! But then again, I haven`t experienced many different cities just yet! That answer might change in the next 5 years 😉

Where can riders follow you? (Instagram, FB, Twitter all that)

Well by my name, I`m very old school.. I think it`s lame that to get your name out there, its all a popularity contest.. Although I DO have a facebook and instagram, I try and post things often, but to be honest I`m having far too much fun skating to always be attached to my cell phone! But ya`ll can follow me if you choose

Instagram: @di_zzy_j
Facebook: dizzyjanedh
Girls Gone Weed

I also run the Longboard Girls Crew Canada page on Facebook! Sure to give that a follow for more downhill shreddy babes!
Longboard Girls Crew Canada page

Couple videos for your viewing pleasure.

Any message you have for the skating community?

YES, SKATEBOARDING IS FOR EVERYONE AND IS PURELY FOR FUN! If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Its not a competition, fashion show, or whatever. It’s riding down a hill on a piece of wood for fun. DON’T TAKE LIFE SO SERIOUSLY, AND SPREAD THE STOKE! When you can find humour in any situation, you always win. Be safe, be respectful, and use your brain.. Not just for the community but for the human race, showing a little compassion will go a long way.

I’d like the thank my sponsors @nugbrand for keeping this stoner looking FLY AS A FEATHER! 😉 (if you watch the video you’ll get it) Nug Brand > Nug Brand FB << @nobull_longboarders for believing in my potential! You guys rule! much love! Team No Bull FB << @yardwaste for pushing me outside my comfort zone! >>Yardwaste Facebook and all my friends who have help me out in some way or another to get me where I am today! I LOVE MY FAMILY! XO



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