How To: Stop Squeaky Longboard Bushings

Squeaky Longboard Bushings

Swapping bushing is one of the fastest ways of improving your longboarding experience. For the most dialed in setup one should customize their bushings.  For example, the harder the bushing, the more stable the ride and the looser the bushing, the easier to carve.

Once the right bushing has been found, a common problem riders experience is squeaky longboard bushings. There are several remedies to fix this issue, on popular one is using soap shaving. One would take the soap shavings and put them in the pivot cups and the bushings. This remedy should hold up for about ten miles. For best results one should repeat this process roughly every ten miles. While taking apart the trucks, this could be a good time to degrease and clean the bearings.

An alternative to using soap to stop the squeaking is graphite powder. Graphite powder can be purchased from a hardware store, but an easier way of getting some can be crushing the tips of pencils and collecting the powder. Just like the soap shavings apply the graphite powder directly on the bushings and pivot cups.

Neither of these solutions is designed to be permanent fixes. Sometimes there is nothing a person can do, some bushings are always going squeak. Personally I would rather maintain my bushings with soap shavings or graphite powder, than buy new ones to replace squeaking ones. A simple way of staying ahead of squeaky bushings is by replacing the soap or graphite powder in your pivot cups ever 10 miles, or every other time you clean your bearings. Whichever comes first…

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