How To Pack For A Skate Trip

Packing for a big, long skate trip can be quite daunting. So, as I packed up my bags for this year’s Maryhill Festical of Speed, I decided to write a little informative post for you guys to let you know how I pack and make sure I have everything I need for a great trip!

Usually I try to break things down into 4 main categories:

    1. Skating Gear – This includes everything you need to skate. Whether that is pads, leathers, gloves, wheels, a setup (or multiple setups if you’re skating lots of different things). Changes of wheels, extra bushings, and ALWAYS remember to bring a helmet along!
    2. Personal Gear – This is everything you need for yourself for the whole trip. This usually includes things like toiletries, changes of clothes, hats, towels, etc etc.I usually try to travel pretty minimally, and this is usually the spot that I usually trim the fat with – by taking away extra clothes and minimizing space used I can make sure I get everything I need without taking a ton of space.
    3. Adventure Gear – This is usually the things that you need outside of your skating gear and personal gear. Often this includes a tent, sleeping back, or some sort of camping accessories. Because life on the road can be pretty rough, this is usually not an area to skimp on. Having a quality place to sleep at the end of the day is often worth its weight in gold, especially if someone has neglected to prepare themselves.
    4. Food and Drinks – This is pretty simple. If you’re taking along some food or drink, be sure to check everything before you take off. Use resalable containers and make sure there is no chance of spillage. Having food spill in the midst of lots of luggage can be a terrible, terrible experience.

Now that those few things are taken care of, some other things that you want to keep in mind:

Other necessities – Make sure you know the vehicle that you’re traveling in and pack accordingly. A smaller vehicle is going to mean packing fewer things and being more resourceful when packing.

Gas money is always huge. Without it, you’re just some schmuck along for a free ride! Finally, a little bit of background knowledge can really help you out – from knowing where the best places to stay to knowing how to eat a quality breakfast for under $5, there are some traveling lessons that simple work best by learning hands one.

Travel safe, and see you at the Festival of Speed!!

Team Rider Dylan Patton

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Photo Credit – Grant Kiessling




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