How to Longboard on a Golf Course

Apologies for missing in action, been running around all over the place. Recently got back from Catalina Classic! Pics coming soon I swear. For now I wanted to get this post out onto the interwebs. I love longboarding with friends, but sometimes you gotta get your board, and sneak off onto an adventure. This is exactly what I did a couple months ago when I was smack dab in the middle of Arizona with nothing but my longboard and time to kill. That’s when I did the following…

How to Longboard on a Golf Course

The first tip to sneaking onto a golf course is to scope out the schedule, see how long players usually play until, what the overall break down is after the riders leave. I got lucky as it appeared the last players would head home around 5 ish, and it would just be one employee on a golf cart riding around and taking things down from the golf course.

I decided to play it safe and wait an extra hour after the last person went home, grabbed my board and started enjoying wide open trails. Everything was going great until an employee rolled up on a golf cart. I took off my helmet, and approached him with a big smile! Told him how awesome his golf course was, figured I had a 50-50 shot of getting kicked out. The guy driving the cart was an older dude with all white hair, I spoke to him for a couple minutes about Arizona… asked him how awesome it must be to work in such a beautiful spot. We spoke for about 5-10 minutes after which he told me I wasn’t allowed to skate on the premises, then he quoted the Big Labowski, gave me a wink, and a fist bump while telling me to skate safe & that if I fall its on me haha.

The people that patrol these kinds of places are just regular people doing a job, to keep a roof over their heads and feed their family. From my experience, as long as you’re nice and respectful 8 times out of 10 they won’t kick you off the premises. If they do, don’t take it personal… the world is a big place! With enough skate spots that it would take a lifetime to discover!



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