Hadi Salloum AKA MailBoxJackson

Years skating: 3 and a half years.

Position at Legit:Team Rider/ Writer and editor.
Go-to Setup: Nelson Batray with 50 degree paris 180s, Cult 85a Isms, and Zealous bearings.
Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses?: One horse sized duck without a duck. Ducks lack the clutch gene. I could kill a giant duck by taunting it with food until it dies. Ducks are idiots.
Preferred manufacturer for each aspect: 
RKP Trucks: Paris
TKP Trucks: Indy
Wheels: Volante and Remember Collective
Bearings: Zealous and Eximius. 
Decks: Nelson and Madrid
Grip: RDVX and legit grip. 
Bushings: Venom who else?  
Favorite place to skate: There’s a park near my house that’s close to the biggest hill in my area and sometimes has girls. I also play basketball on the courts there since ball is life. There’s also an array of wildlife and I get to play guess which bird took that shit everytime I go. It’s a grand time.
Favorite Event: Teutonia. Fastest shit in Brazil, other than Brazil vs Germany.
Favorite Book: John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Made me a fan of California more so than I am now.
Favorite movie: I love movies so much and I hate picking favorites.
Worst Crash: I’ve had some bad falls and injuries, but my worst fall pain-wise came from not paying attention while skating. I had my headphones which you shouldn’t ever do and had to swerve out of a car’s path. I swerved right into a rock and smacked my head on the floor. Then I was yelled at in creole and I went to Dunkin Donuts.
  • What’s your dream deck, trucks, wheel, bearing set-up?:
  • Board: Madrid 2015 Wendigo, i’m actually getting one soon. 
  • Trucks: Sabre forged precisions
  • Wheels: Forever mini hoots, in blue.
  • Bearings: can’t go wrong with zealous.
Craziest skate story: Probably this one time I was out finishing a session and noted in my head that the weather seemed to be getting progressively satanic, and that it would be a good idea to spare my bearing’s lives and skate home before it started raining. Well, midway through the trip home, i was hit with one of Florida’s specialty dishes, a surprise hurricane. It went 0-100 pretty damn quick, and I took refuge under a palm tree for about 15 minutes. My bearings lived, thanks eximius.
Met_____while skating: I haven’t met anyone important while skating, but I did see two frogs having sex once so that was pretty exciting and life changing.
Favorite part about working for legitboardshop: By far the team. I am happy to have the opportunity to put myself out on the internet in a way that I wouldn’t be able to had I not joined this team. Just to have that documentation of me and what I can do, is a really big thing to me. Since I started skating I wanted to join a team of some sort, and the reasons were never correct, so I gave up trying and just keep skating and running my mouth online. When Raffi brought me on as the 3rd or 4th member of his growing team, I was ecstatic. I had watched his shop grow from the very beginning, and was very excited to be a part of it’s story. Now there’s 11 or so of us, and it’s never been better. I truly believe the legit boardshop team is a family, in the way we can shit on each other and compliment each other all the same. It’s a very rare thing to have a place of constant support whenever you need it, and that’s what we have. That’s my favorite part of this team.



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