Eximius Bearing Lubricant Review

Eximius Bearing Lubricant Review

A while back we conducted a simple contest asking fans of our Facebook page, to share the picture of Eximius Bearing lubricant. Richard Miller was randomly chosen, and sent a free pack of Eximius Bearing Lubricant. After some time of testing, he sent us a review of what he thought about the Bearing Lubricant. We would like to thank Richard for taking the time to write up this review! The following is Richard’s Eximius Lubricant Review…

So for starters i used the Eximus lube on a set of Seismic Tekton 6 balls in my DH board and my pool deck with a set of Bones Reds, decreased in acetone and re lubed.

Tekton 6 balls on my DH setup- Out of the gate i noticed a substantial difference in the smoothness compared to the out of the box performance of the six balls. I measured the distance that i was able to get out on just a small hill with a three kick push, with the stock lube and with the Eximus formula. i was able to get another amazing 100 ft on that hill. It was amazing, like I was gliding. So I decided to do a little torture test as well although the formula I was am reviewing wasn’t a speed formula, I decided to give it a try. I had my friend tow me at 65mph for three miles to see how well it held up and how the bearing looked after. I’ve only ridden the six balls 10 to 12 times on some minor hills because of snow and rain ect. so I knew the bearings were still brand new. Afterwards took them all apart and inspected them, they looked like they did when i put the Eximus lube in them before the tow!!!!! needless to say i was amazed.

Bones Reds on Pool Deck

Again I cant say enough on how smooth this lube is, i spent the whole day with my crew thrashing pools and the large mini at our favorite skate park and it worked great, the amount of pumping and keeping up speed I didn’t have to do for the pool was instantly noticeable. By the time I was done for the day (about 4 hours of hard skating in total) there were no impact or abrasion marks at all I was super stoked!!

I highly recommend this formula in particular for any skater that skates pools, ditches, vert, minis, street, commuting, tech sliding, and even downhill! ( DH to a point due to Eximus has a dedicated speed lube which i cant wait to try) Its a rad all around lube if you don’t just skate one particular style on your setups.
Eximius Bearing Lubricant review written by Richard Miller.



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