Eximius Bearing Lube Review

We where ecstatic after receiving an Eximius Bearing Lube Review! Here is the review… Eximius fluid IV is one of the best bearing lubricants I’ve ever used before.

Eximius fluid IV



I Simply took off the dust shields with a needle ,



cleaned them with acetone , and blasted the bearings with compressed air through them to dry them off and also to get any left over grime off.


Then I put on side of the shield on , put 5 drops of lube in each bearing, put the second shield on and gave it a spin to evenly coat the inside. When I finally assembled my board and gave it a test ride it was as if I just took them out of the box and skating them for the first time.



The eximius lube has made my bearings stay quieter, last longer and spin fasted then the day I bought them.

If you are looking for lube that will drastically improve your ride, eximius fluid IV is the way to go.

Follow Up

5 Weeks Since I Lubricated my Longboard Bearings

I’ve had my bearings clean and lubed for about five weeks now, My set up is some generic non-name brand wheels, abec 7 rush bearings, mission 1 trucks with yellow buck cone bushings, on a 1.5 cm thick poplar wood deck. ( 28.5 x 8 in) with no flex

What kind of longboarding activity have you been doing?
I have been been doing a lot of distance cruising and carving.

How long have you had these bearings?
I’ve had these bearings for about 5 months and I clean them every other month.

What do you usually use as a lubricant?

I usually use tri-flow after cleaning them with acetone and it gets the job done (close to new) but once I used the eximius bearing lube it was as if the bearings rolled better than the day I bought them. It actually makes the bearings last longer giving them that buttery new feel while still spinning extremely fast and quiet! I would highly recommend these to anyone trying to get their board to run smoother or improve it over all!

Simply amazing!



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