Dylan Patton

Dylan Patton is a grad student doing his Masters research on the sports science aspect of skateboarding. From movements to muscles, Dylan is pioneering groundbreaking research by developing a comprehensive scientific understanding of longboarding.

Years skating

4 overall, seriously 2.

Position at legit

Writer/ Team Rider/Pro Butt-boarder

Go-to setup

It definitely depends on the type of riding. For DH right now I’m riding my Valhalla Skrilla with Rogue Trucks and Biggie Hawgs.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses?

Dude, ducks are really mean and nasty. One that size could probably take my head off. I say heck no. I’ll take on the horses.

Preferred manufacturer for each aspect

  • Madrid/Valhalla/Full Circle – Best Wood
  • Paris, Rogue – Trucks
  • Hawgs or These – Wheels
  • Zealous or Magic Built-In Bearings – I hate losing spacers and speed rings!

Favorite place to skate

Secret roads in the Kern County Mountains. Places to get sideways, places to go fast, and a few spots that are still too gnarly for me to skate.

If you could skate with 1 person from any time in human history, who would it be?

Ghandi – he seems like the type of person to understand what kind of freedom longboarding can bring someone and what sacrifice is all about.


Favorite event

I probably couldn’t include just one. Some of my favorites include the San Pedro Shred, Homegrown Halloween Day of the Shred, or Bakersfield Outlaws.

Favorite book

Lord of the Rings, Eragon

Favorite movie

Fast and Furious Series, Fight Club

Worst Crash

I have two, probably. Both of them I was skating with the Homegrown guys (Bakersfield crew). They were both at the same road. Got a concussion and almost went off a cliff in round 1 when someone wobbled out in front of me, then wobbled out going for a fast raw run and ended up with a right side of my body covered in road rash. I think both were on film…

What’s your dream deck, trucks, wheel, bearing set-up?

I would love to design a custom deck someday. I have some ideas… And I’m still figuring out the rest. It’s my goal to try as many different products as I can in the future and stick with what works best. Really happy with my current setups though!

Craziest skate story

I have taken some pretty awesome road trips, which involve so many crazy stories, like getting a vehicle stuck in sand dunes, taking friends to the hospital, blasting down the gnarliest runs in America, getting chased by police, and hitting up the beaches and local shops. I can’t pick one crazy story, but skateboarding does lead to an exciting life!

Met_____while skating

Tons of famous skaters, and some of my best friends in the world!

Favorite part about riding for Legit Boardshop:

Its great to have someone believe in my goals, my talents, and me. My input is valued and important to the team. And overall, it’s a rad group of people to be involved with, my teammates are legit as fuck!!



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