Cop’ed it – Longboarders Getting Harassed


The beauty of longboarding is the fact that it is appreciated by like minded people all accross the world. Unfortunately it seems there are as many assholes hassling longboarders, as there are hills to bomb. We love hearing from our fans, this week one of our favorite riders out in Australia James Blott shared his experience with us, this is his story…

My friends mum offered to do some runs down a local freeride hill, so we arrived at the hill and we managed to do to warm up runs, I heard a cars horn… looked around, and saw this car speeding towards me! I did a stand up-to dead stop, and jumped off the road as she tried to hit me in her car! She rolled down her window, and told me I was going to get killed one day! I just stood there and looked as my friend’s mum pulled up and had a chat.

We had left a bag at the bottom of the hill, so we rushed to the bottom thinking she would take our bag, my friends mum pulled in, and we grabbed our bags. The lady walked out with her mum and dad, they surrounded our car, and wrote down my mate’s mum’s license plate number. I tried to explain what we where doing out there, but they ignored me. They just got back in their car and left.

We got back in my mom’s friend’s car, and got dropped off at another spot. I was setting up my camera, and my mates where walking up the hill, sunddenly a man slams his break cutting them off! My mates make a run for it, as the man gets out of his car and starts chasing them! The guy gives up, gets in his car, and pulls up next to us while he calls the cops,

We were just sitting on the curb when my mate’s phone rings, it’s his mum, she asked, “Where are you? The cops are at the house and you cannot skate anymore! I need to pick you up.” We got back and the cops told his mum that it’s illegal to skate, and fines will be put in place if caught again.

Didn’t stop us though….

-James Blott

Longboarders Getting Harassed: Our Thoughts

Some people just don’t understand why we bomb hills, they look at us like we are insane. Truth is I think sitting behind a computer all day, or playing video games from morning to night is insane. Those people will never know the joys of picking the right wheels for what the day holds in store. Let alone the feeling of going 30 or 40 mph on a piece of wood, with the wind screaming in your face. Longboarding is not just a hoby, its a skill, its evolution of the human mind, body, and soul.



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