Laissez Faire Warmonger Review

The Warmonger is one of the boards in the Freeride lineup from a company called Laissez Faire (Pronounced lesā ˈfer, meaning “allow to do” in French.). Based out of Wilmington North Carolina, Laissez Faire has been making boards since 2014, and I believe the Warmonger to be one of the best versatile top mount directional

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Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review

Tim Bogart longboarding

Stoked to announce Tim Bogart will be riding for Legit! In his very first post, he cored a set of Venom Curb Stompers & documented the journey: Hey guys Tim here, I’m going to do a review today for Legit Boardshop. Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review: These are some of the newest wheels in Venom’s freeride line

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Volante Checkers Review

volante checkers downhill

The Volante Checkers are center set, 68mm, 82a, freeride wheels. I’ve been riding the Volante Checkers for about a week now on various types of hills doing various types of riding. Overall I am thrilled with Volante Checkers, Comet’s first wheel, for just about everything I have thrown at it. The checkers have a good

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Blue Sky Team Rider Reviews Fluid X

One of the fastest, cheapest, most noticible upgrades anyone can do for their set up, is to clean & lubricate their bearings. Cleaning bearings and not adding lube afterwards will destroy the bearings. To keep the bearings running smoothly despite dirt, moisture, and wear; a good lubricant is key. Eximius Fluid X is the best

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Eximius Bearing Lubricant Review

Eximius Bearing Lubricant Review A while back we conducted a simple contest asking fans of our Facebook page, to share the picture of Eximius Bearing lubricant. Richard Miller was randomly chosen, and sent a free pack of Eximius Bearing Lubricant. After some time of testing, he sent us a review of what he thought about

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Eximius Bearing Lube Review

We where ecstatic after receiving an Eximius Bearing Lube Review! Here is the review… Eximius fluid IV is one of the best bearing lubricants I’ve ever used before. Eximius fluid IV     I Simply took off the dust shields with a needle ,   cleaned them with acetone , and blasted the bearings with compressed

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