Longboard Protective Gear

skate pads

Longboard Protective Gear Written By Rob Green In longboarding it is important to keep yourself safe so you can keep shredding.  There is a lot of gear on the market to keep you safe, so here’s what you’ll need!   Helmet Every longboarder needs a helmet!  There is already a guide on how to choose

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Longboarding Etiquette: Spot Courtesy

Ever since the dawn of skateboarding, trespassing has been a part of the game. Because of this, skateboarders have gotten a reputation of being less than law abiding citizens. Owners of private property and businesses would rather not have “this type” of person hanging around their property. Spot Courtesy can mitigate the chances of having

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How To: Stop Squeaky Longboard Bushings

Squeaky Longboard Bushings Swapping bushing is one of the fastest ways of improving your longboarding experience. For the most dialed in setup one should customize their bushings.  For example, the harder the bushing, the more stable the ride and the looser the bushing, the easier to carve. Once the right bushing has been found, a common

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How to Remove Griptape

Old Grip Tape

One of the fastest things anyone can do to quickly improve both the look and ride of their longboard is regripping their ride. We wrote this post to take the pain out of the process & show how to efficiently Remove Griptape. There are multiple ways of removing old grip tape from one’s deck, there

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A Word On Bearings

Bearings A Radial Bearing has many attributes which, in turn, translate to many performance ratings. Including: static radial load rating, dynamic radial load rating, static axial load rating, dynamic axial load rating, start torque rating, run torque rating, exterior geometrical tolerance rating, interior geometrical tolerance rating, vibration ratings, material ratings, lubrication types, and temperature rating

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