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Mike Dallas is as legit a person as you can get, he put together the following FAQ to help get the word out about the Broadway Bomb.

Q. What is the Broadway Bomb? 

A. 8.2 mile skateboard parade on Broadway Avenue, Manhattan, NYC.  Starts annually on the 3rd Saturday in October at NOON – 116th St & Riverside Park in West Harlem designed to crown the fastest skateboard commuter in NYC.  To finish, one must tag the the Financial Bull statue at the end of Broadway, called Bowling Green, where the road splits. The event is notoriously non-sanctioned but the city is aware and for the last 2 years has deployed an NYPD tactical force to divert and streamline skaters to parallel streets along Broadway, an effort to diffuse a potentially hazardous bomb.

Push Culture: The Broadway Bomb VE from Joe Goodman on Vimeo.

Q. How many skaters attend?

A. Broadway Bomb grows exponentially every year.  The event began in 2000 with a handful of longboarders, as a challenge among friends.  The nature of the event has not changed but participation levels have increased significantly.  2013 attracted 2000+ skaters from around the globe – met by nearly 1000 uniformed NYPD officers in 2012 & 2013.

Q. Is skateboarding in NYC illegal?

A. No, skateboarding is LEGAL in NYC.  There IS a law prohibiting commuters to ride in a pack of 5+ through the city.  That rule is RARELY enforced, yet gives NYPD reason to get involved.

Q. Are skaters arrested at Broadway Bomb?

A. a dozen or so skaters were detained temporarily in 2012.  38 were detained in 2013 and were held for less than an hour, released with a civil infraction for participating in a group ride with 5+ without a permit.  Most, if not all of the charges were dropped in court.

Watch Video: 

Q. Why are there 2 published dates for Broadway Bomb 2014?

A. Cellular Mitosis.  The process in the cell cycle, by which the chromosomes in the cell nucleus are separated into two identical sets of chromosomes, each in its own nucleus. Saturday, October 11 is a fabricated copy of the original Broadway Bomb, masterminded by NYC local James Soladay, organized in part to cause confusion for NYPD in their tactical efforts to diffuse the real Broadway Bomb.  Expect resistance at both events.  Be like water, flow around obstacles.


Q.  How do you describe the experience of Broadway Bomb?

A.  Watch Robin McGuirk of Eastside Longboards navigate Broadway for a 3rd place finish.  This is as real as it gets.

Watch Video:

Broadway Bomb is a celebration of skateboarding in NYC.  The actual event is 1/3 of the fun, the weekend is full of underground skate events and fraternizing with skaters from all around the world.  If you want the best excuse to visit NYC, visit during the 3rd weekend in October for a good time.  Please let me know if you’ll be in NYC the weekend of October 18, I’ll treat you to a beer and show you how we roll in NYC.  #ForAllWhoPush #bustinboards


-Visit Bustin Brooklyn Headquarters at 154 Grand St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  NEW LOCATION AS OF OCT. 1ST!!!
-Visit Longboard Loft NYC at 132 Allen St on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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See you out there…pass on the info!

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