Blue Sky Team Rider Reviews Fluid X

One of the fastest, cheapest, most noticible upgrades anyone can do for their set up, is to clean & lubricate their bearings. Cleaning bearings and not adding lube afterwards will destroy the bearings. To keep the bearings running smoothly despite dirt, moisture, and wear; a good lubricant is key. Eximius Fluid X is the best bearing lubricant I have ever used.

Blue Sky Team Rider Reviews Fluid X

Eximius Fluid X is a bright blue liquid that comes in a convenient little bottle. The miracle fix for longboards that just don’t ride like they used to – Eximius should be in the bearings of every skater.

I noticed my 10mm Surfrodz bearings I use on my Surfrodz rkp trucks weren’t running as smoothly as usual. I decided to clean them following the steps on one of the previous articles here on (How to Degrease Clean Longboard Bearings Using Acetone). However, I used mineral spirits to clean them because it is what I always use, and it is what I had on hand.

After cleaning my bearings and making sure they were completely dry of any remaining mineral spirits, I added a few drops of Eximius Fluid X to each bearing. After I added the fluid to the bearing I would give it a few spins so the fluid would spread throughout it. I immediately noticed that they became quieter, and smoother. Once I finished each bearing I popped them into my wheels and onto my trucks.

There is one important thing to understand when lubing bearings: the freespin will not be very long after lubing them. Freespin (how long the bearing spins without any weight on it) is not an effective way to test a bearing. How a bearing spins with no weight on it is in no way representative of how it will behave with all of the rider’s weight on it. After riding them for a while after lubing them, the freespin will get longer but the performance of the bearing will not be affected by the freespin.

After I lubed up my bearings with Eximius Fluid X, I went skating. The bearings were so much quieter, faster, and smoother than they were before; just like new. I rode them through the rain for a little while and didn’t notice any rust or wear, I still do not recommend skating in the rain if you don’t want your bearings to be destroyed, however.

I have experience with all kinds of bearing solutions including Skanunu, Bones Speed Cream, and Tri-Flow; Eximius Fluid X tops them all.

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