Blue Sky Longboards Contrail Review

blue sky contrail longboard

The Blue Sky Longboards Contrail is the new freeride and downhill board from Blue Sky Longboards. With ¾ inch of concave, wheelbase options ranging from 24” to 29”, and gas pedals; all your topmount speedboard needs will be met.

longboard concave

The range of wheelbase options provides some versatility with the Contrail. Throw the trucks on the inner 24 inch wheelbase and the Contrail will be easy to spin around and have enough kick to throw some pop shuvs, blunt slides, and even kickflips if you’re getting ambitious. Bring the wheelbase all the way out to 29 inches and have yourself a super stable, roomy, and comfortable downhill board.

longboard wheel wells

The Contrail features huge wheel wells that should allow you to run 70mm wheels without bite. They also allow you to (with minimal riser) run big downhill wheels. I use a ¼ inch riser just to be safe since I run my trucks a bit looser than most, but if you ride decently tight, you won’t have to sweat getting bite.

longboard slide

I like to hang off my toes when I bust out my toesides, but the Contrail makes that less necessary. To reduce that monkey toe, the gas pedals in the back of the Contrail provide a good place for toes so they don’t hang off very far, making your toesides look just a tad steezy-er and keeping you locked on.

blue sky contrail longboard

The limited edition black Contrail looks like a whip that Batman himself would ride proudly. With full dip black paint featuring a bird leaving a contrail against the night sky (not shown on mine) the Contrail is a stealthy deck that you will love.

Blue Sky Longboards Contrail Review Conclusion

The Contrail is a sick board that kills it at anything from low speed technical freeride to intense downhill. Whatever you do on the hill; checkout the Contrail. Coming soon to

longboard ollie



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