Legit Board Talk Episode 5

Welcome back! This weeks episode of Legit Board Talk was the very first time team rider Jeremy Florian aka Jflo made an appearance. Team riders Dylan Patton, Grant Kiessling, and Jeremy Florian had just returned back from their trip to Maryhill Festival of Speed. Jeremy broke down what it was like skating down MFOS. Hope you

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Laissez Faire Warmonger Review

The Warmonger is one of the boards in the Freeride lineup from a company called Laissez Faire (Pronounced lesā ˈfer, meaning “allow to do” in French.). Based out of Wilmington North Carolina, Laissez Faire has been making boards since 2014, and I believe the Warmonger to be one of the best versatile top mount directional

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John Harlan

Years Skating:  3 years skating/2 taking it seriously. Go to Setup: Threesix Downhill topmount, don’t trip skateboards shrooms 175mm 50/35, remember savannah slammas, or Venom Cannibals, magic shrooms Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses? I would rather fight one horse sized Frasco. Preferred manufacturer for each aspect Deck: threesix, Cast Trucks:

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Hadi Salloum AKA MailBoxJackson

Years skating: 3 and a half years. Position at Legit:Team Rider/ Writer and editor. Go-to Setup: Nelson Batray with 50 degree paris 180s, Cult 85a Isms, and Zealous bearings. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 hundred duck-sized horses?: One horse sized duck without a duck. Ducks lack the clutch gene. I could kill a giant

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Jacob Johnston

legit board shop team

Jacob Johnston has not been a stranger to the guys at Legit Board Shop. We’re happy to announce one of the newest additions to the team: Jacob Johnston! Years skating Three and a half years, two and a half sideways. Position at legit Team rider Go-to setup – Right now, a Jati Karate Chop covered in

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Dylan Patton

Dylan Patton is a grad student doing his Masters research on the sports science aspect of skateboarding. From movements to muscles, Dylan is pioneering groundbreaking research by developing a comprehensive scientific understanding of longboarding. Years skating 4 overall, seriously 2. Position at legit Writer/ Team Rider/Pro Butt-boarder Go-to setup It definitely depends on the type of

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2015 Agenda Trade Show

Today marked the 3rd anniversary of us attending the Agenda Trade show. This show is to longboarder’s what SEMA is to the automotive industry. Brands travel from all over the country, to show the world what they have in store for the new longboarding season. Each year the Long Beach Convention Center becomes a cluster

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Broadway Bomb FAQ

bustin boards

Mike Dallas is as legit a person as you can get, he put together the following FAQ to help get the word out about the Broadway Bomb. Q. What is the Broadway Bomb?  A. 8.2 mile skateboard parade on Broadway Avenue, Manhattan, NYC.  Starts annually on the 3rd Saturday in October at NOON – 116th St & Riverside Park

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Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review

Tim Bogart longboarding

Stoked to announce Tim Bogart will be riding for Legit! In his very first post, he cored a set of Venom Curb Stompers & documented the journey: Hey guys Tim here, I’m going to do a review today for Legit Boardshop. Venom Curb Stompers 82a Review: These are some of the newest wheels in Venom’s freeride line

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