Agenda Trade Show Abec 11 Booth


Found a blog hidden in the matrix of this website, forgot to upload this story about covering the 2013 Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. The annual Agenda Trade Show recently took place in Long Beach California, and Legit Board Shop was able to attend. Some of the biggest names in the industry such as DC, Hurley, Neff, Landyatchz, Abec11, Arbor and more big names showed us a firsthand look at some brand spanking new gear for 2013.

As soon as we parked we could see all the longboarders and skateboarders riding around the parking garage. We walk towards the building, and the first thing we notice is the parking lot full of the vendor’s cars. Hurley, Arbor, Neff, Famous, DC, Monster, just to name a few… While we walk to the show all around I can see people whipping out stickers, cleaning a spot on a sign, and slapping their company’s sticker on any real-estate they can find.

Agenda Trade Show Abec 11 Booth

Once we get to the front of the building Agenda had a space set up for an artist to paint a portrait. Spectators were watching him transform the blank piece of canvas into a giant work of art. The inside of Agenda you can see skaters riding from one end to the other. We headed towards the wheels section to check out the new line of 2013 wheels


One of the booths that immediately captured my attention was the Abec 11 / Jet / Sk8Trip booth. The representative was very friendly, he eagerly showed us the new Abec 11 Wheels for the 2013. The new line includes Blue & Pink wheels that drop some sick Thane after slides. Our fans ranging from all across America, all the way to Australia have for months requested Abec 11 wheels. After checking them out first hand I couldn’t help, but place an order on the spot! Click here to check out all the Abec 11 wheels in our shop!

agenda-trade-show-abec-11-booth-longboarding-wheels agenda-trade-show-abec-11-jet-booth agenda-trade-show-convention-center-sign



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