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A Radial Bearing has many attributes which, in turn, translate to many performance ratings. Including: static radial load rating, dynamic radial load rating, static axial load rating, dynamic axial load rating, start torque rating, run torque rating, exterior geometrical tolerance rating, interior geometrical tolerance rating, vibration ratings, material ratings, lubrication types, and temperature rating just to name a few. Each susceptible to engineering.

This is a mechanical device with a capacity to be tailored to very specific applications. This means that the term “ultimate bearing” is impractical for the reason that each application demands a different set of characteristics for proper performance.

Example: A ceramic bearing lends itself to applications which subject the bearing to high heat, high speed, chemical contamination and EMF. Though it sacrifices the resistance to impact loads. Subjecting it to impact loads will dramatically reduce its life expectancy and/or result in immediate failure. Thus, its particular subscription to specific, low dynamic load applications.

The fact of the matter is that the “skate” load is relatively complex. Longboard bearings are subject to high impact radial loads, high impact axial loads and contamination while being required to have a low run torque.

At Eximius Bearings, we present two options.

1- Bearings and lubricanst which boasts excellent, overall skate performance ratings.

2- Bearings and lubricants which boast exceptional ratings of the proper attributes for the specific applications which require low run torque or resistance to high impact loads. While providing superior protection against corrosion.


The eximius skateboard bearings and lubricants are the first ever to have been engineered from the ground up with their applications actually in careful consideration. This has resulted in the creation of outstandingly characterized bearings and lubricants.

This article was written by Shant Kabadayian, Shant Kabadayian is the owner of Eximius Design.

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