3 Longboarding Tips That Will Save Time and Money

longboarding tips

As I have been longboarding for nearly three years, I’ve come across some little tips and tricks that I use regularly and have really helped me out.  I figured rather than letting all the LegitBoardShop.com customers learn by error, I’d help you all out and share them with you!

3 Longboarding Tips That Will Save Time and Money

1. Put your bearings on your axles.  I spent far too long putting the bearings in my wheels by pushing them in with my fingers and thumbs, this takes a lot longer, hurts your hands, and can be frustrating; especially if your spacers turn sideways.  If you put the bearings on your axles so you can just push the wheel over the bearing it will take no time flat.  First, put the bearings on the axle with the un-shielded side (if you have one) facing out with the spacer in between the bearings.  Then, push the wheel on backwards so one of the bearings is in the wheel, then flip the wheel around and push it over the bearing.  Now, the wheel is on the bearings and the axle with the spacer in it, all you need to do is put on the axle nut (and speed rings/washers if you have them) and you’re set!

2. Rotate hangars not wheels.  If you do a lot of sliding and freeride it is a good idea to rotate your wheels every so often to make them wear evenly.  However, to take off all four axle nuts, take off the wheels, and risk losing speed rings it can take a while and be cumbersome.  It is much easier to just flip the hangars on your trucks!  Take off both hangars (remember how many turns of the nut it takes to come off) and put each hangar where the other one was.  This automatically rotates the wheels for you in the exact positions that they should be.  Remember when you reattach them to tighten each one the same amount.  If you under tighten them they may be looser than you are used to and this can be dangerous.

3. Drill through stripped hardware.  Sometimes when you are trying to tighten down you hardware all the way (as you should) it can get stripped, if this happens it can permanently attach your trucks to your board, obviously this is something you do not want.  A simple solution is to find a drill bit that is slightly larger than the width of a piece of hardware and drill through the top of it.  Once you drill through the head of the hardware the bottom of the bolt and nut will fall off.  It will ruin the hardware obviously, but save your board and trucks.  Be careful after drilling it, the hardware and drill bit will be HOT.

stripped skate hardware

You can expect more tips like these in the future here on LegitBoardShop.com !



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