2016 Agenda Event Coverage

Today marked the 4th anniversary of us here at Legit attending the Agenda Trade show in Long Beach, CA. This is an event that we look forward to every year because it gives us a glimpse of what is yet to come in 2016 from our industry. Brands gear up from all over the USA and Canada (looking at you, Landy) to show everyone what they are offering in the New Year.

Agenda was a really great experience this year. Although last year was my first year attending the show, this was the first time I would be attending alone, with Boss Man Raffi out with the flu. Agenda is really a great time to see and meet different types of people, see new gear for the next year, see all sorts of attractive women, eat some great food, and connect with the industry’s best. This year I focused on hitting the longboarding side of the show but was able to venture out and look at some of the other offerings as well. As per usual, the rest of the show was very unique – from freelance graffiti booths to quarterpipes in the middle of the show, there was always things happening throughout the show.

2016 Landyachtz Longboard Lineup

This year Landy went all out with their booth. There were off on their own on a very well traveled part of the show, away from the rest of the longboarding scene. Their booth was gigantic and showcased their full lineup for the new year, along with having some pretty radical decorations around for everyone to chill after a long day of walking around the show.

First off, we caught a glimpse at Aussie Rider Adam Yates’ pro model wheel. We thought these looked similar to the blood orange lineup in size, shape, and feel.


Second up, we caught another glimpse of Dillon Stephens’ pro model board. This really impressed us because of how light it was, the urethane tips, and the sleek corbon construction.




Next up, some new color ways for Bear Trucks and Landy Gloves.


Finally, some shots from the full lineup, including the switchblade, wolfshark, and mini-wolf.







2016 Aera/These Lineup

Another distribution company that dabbles in other markets is skate1 – which provides us with Aera and These wheels. They were also a little tough to find, off on their own away from most of the other long boarding stuff. Although we didn’t spot any new offerings from These, or peep a pro model from KRimes or Byron Essert, we did spot this first-edition prototype of the Aera k5. Aera’s have long been a standard for excellence in precision trucks, and they continue to push the mold. Fear not, the final versions of the trucks could be much different, especially in the looks department.


Also in attendance were the pro-model color ways of K4’s of Patrick Switzer and Byron.


Full Circle Dist

Full Circle is the home for our friends Madrid Skateboards, Cadillac Wheels, Venom Bushings, Trojan Gloves, and Rogue trucks.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are some shots of the new cast rogue colors along with the billet precision edition.


2016 Trojan Gloves Line


2016 Venom Bushings Line



The newest graphics for the Madrid Freeride/downhill line.


2016 Venom Wheels Line



We have been good pals with the Remember guys since they began to emerge onto the scene a couple years back. They are back for the new year with some new offerings for board shapes, new wheel graphics and colors, and the promise of some new wheels emerging later on this year closer to summer. And I can say, there are some big changes coming and after seeing and skating some of the prototypes, I’m excited to see where these guys go.

Full truck lineup


1-Tri Pads


2016 Remember Wheels Line


Remember Decks


2016 DB/Cloud Ride/Atlas Lineup

It was super awesome to see our friends from the rainy north come down for their first agenda in a few years.

For the new year, they are really hyped on their core flex technology and urethane edges in their boards.


From Cloud Ride, we are stoked to see a few new things.

First off, a few new small freeride wheels, called Slusheez and Iceez. These both look like dope little fun shapes.


Secondly, StormChasers. The new race wheel/downhill shape.




Finally in the DH offerings, the newest keystone 37 and 39 – as well as a new lunch tray.


2016 Sector 9/RAD Line

Sector is a staple at big shows like this – and although they didn’t have any new information on the downhill division, they do have some new wheels coming out through RAD and some new protective gear coming soon.

Max Ballesteros


Jimmy Riha






Safety Gear





Gear Bags


Newest Gullwing models




It was rad as hell to see Randall trucks back around after a brief hiatus. I remember back when I first started skating that Randalls and Paris were pretty much the only thing around. And everyone here at Legit (especially boss man Raffi) really likes the feeling and simplicity of Randall trucks.

Special shoutouts to everyone who I met at or spent time with for hanging out, good times, food, beer, and conversation. Abec 11 and Michael Brooke hooked it up with some Famous Daves.

Finally, a big thank you to Madrid Skateboards – they hosted their 40th anniversary dinner and party after the day of events. It was a great time, and really special to meet lots of old downhill legends and talk about the industry as a whole.

We hope to continue our tradition of hitting up Agenda next year and we hope you enjoyed our coverage!

– Team Rider Dylan Patton

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