2015 Agenda Trade Show

Today marked the 3rd anniversary of us attending the Agenda Trade show. This show is to longboarder’s what SEMA is to the automotive industry. Brands travel from all over the country, to show the world what they have in store for the new longboarding season. Each year the Long Beach Convention Center becomes a cluster fuck of skaters, shop owners, sales reps, and hipsters all trying to get your attention.

Madrid Longboards / Valhalla Longboards

Shout out to Grant Kiessling for sending over concave shots of the new Madrid Boards after ours got corrupted.
If you’re not following Grant on Instagram you’re blowing it: @renegadeoffunk

Our friends over at the Full Circle Distribution booth had the entire 2015 Madrid line up available for us to drool over! The first thing we noticed was the Madrid Yeti. I couldn’t help but lay this bad boy down and give it a test run. Compared to last year’s model they mellowed out the pockets on the new yeti. Feeling on the board feels natural, as your feet just find their way into the grooves of the new shape.

Next on the list was the Yeti, right off the bat the Yeti got beefed up Wheel wells, and we were told this deck can take on bigger beefier wheels. The Yeti also features a more pronounced W concave.

2015 madrid yeti


This year the Nessie is BACK! They further beefed up the wheel wells, added more wheel base options, and a kick tail that packs a way bigger punch than it looks. On the right hand of the Nessie we spotted what I can only describe as a mini nessie + havoc hybrid. Madrid calls this new longboard Wendigo! This deck has power globes similar to the Nessie, yet is only 36″

madrid wendigo longboard

madrid wendigo concave

Madrid Wendigo Longboard Specs 

Length: 36″
Width: 9.75″
Wheelbase: 20″, 21″, 21.5″, 22″, 22.5″, 23″, 23.5″
Special Features: Formica finish, rocker, power orbs, flared wheel wells, CNC Flush Mounts, Wheel Wells, Kicktail

We’re super hyped on this new board, and will 100% have them ready to ship out the first day they release!

2015 Madrid longboard line

2015 madrid longboards

2015 madrid yeti

2015 valhalla line

Landyachtz Longboards

I know everyone wants this article up as soon as humanely possible, so I’ll do my best to recall every piece of new gear we came across yesterday. First off the board that stood out to us the most was the new 2015 Landyachtz Wolf Shark. Not only did Landy add a pretty substantial W concave to it, not only did they upgrade the graphic & make it a more aggressive board, they made it Hollow Tech! That’s right the new Wolf Shark will weigh a fraction of what it did before.

2015 landy wolf shark longboard

2015 landy wolf shark longboard

2015 wolfshark longboard

2015 landyachtz wolf shark w concave

The next board that caught our eye was the new Billy Bones pro model, aka the osteon! It’s got a mellow shape, with some nice flares to lock your feet in.

2015 landyachtz osteon billy bones pro mo

2015 billy bones pro model

While Paris has been hyping up their new Savants, Bear has been keeping their baby a secret. At Agenda they presented to the world their answer to the Savants, forged kodiacs!

forged bear trucks

bear forged trucks

bear forged trucks

chrome bear trucks

2015 bear trucks

2015 bear truck line

bear precision trucks

2015 biggie hawgs downhill wheels

2015 hawgs wheels

2015 boss wheels

2015 boss longboard wheels

2015 street hawgs

2015 charlie horse hollow tech deck


2015 landy battle axe

2015 landy drop carve line

2015 landy hollow tech charlie horse

2015 landy loco double kicks

2015 landy tugboat

2015 landy invader deck

2015 landy billy bones deck

2015 landy dinghy line

2015 landy dinghy longboards

2015 landy dinghy deck

2015 landyachtz top speed

landy waterbottle

landy biggie hawgs zoom

2015 landy top speed

2015 landyachtz agenda

Moonshine Longboards

This was a booth that caught my eye. I had seen their boards posted around facebook groups, but I had no idea what they were all about. The guys over at Moonshine have created a revolutionary process in how they manufactur boards. They pour eurothane around the edges of every single board made, they also construct the mounting options out of eurothane to help dampen & absorb vibrations. If you want these boards, they won’t come cheap. They are positioning themselves right up there with Loaded longboards. What really stands out about these boards is the build quality. You can see these special features I’ve never seen on anything. The moonshine longboards was said to have incorporated their unique manufacturing style to the wakeboard world, and now their sights are set on shaking up the longboarding world. I’m very excited to see how these boards do in 2015, you can definitely count on us carrying their boards this coming spring.

moonshine longboards mold

moonshine longboards mold zoom

moonshine longboards mold

mounting holes

moonshine longboards zoom

moonshine longboards agenda

2015 moonshine line



Rayne Mother F*Cking Longboards!

Right off the bat I want to point out that the biggest upgrade Rayne did to their boards are WHEEL WELLS!!!! No longer will we be plagued with grom posts asking how to cut out wheel wells into their favorite Rayne board. It was pointed out to us that cutting out wheel wells into older Rayne boards tends to weaken the structural integrity of the boards, because riders are carving out pieces of the board. Next biggest update I’ve noticed with 2015 Rayne Longboards was the graphics for each series. If you collect Rayne boards, placing all the boards of a series side by side will match up to create a complete picture.

2015 darkside series

2015 rayne brightside darkside otherside concave

2015 rayne darkside concave

2015 rayne darkside graphic

2015 rayne nemesis deemonseed graphic

2015 rayne longboard wheels

2015 rayne longboard wheels






Omen Longboards / Free Wheel Co

Stopped by our friends at the Omen Longboards booth & we were stoked to see their newest creation: Gryphon. Words can’t do this board justice, you absolutely have to head down to your favorite shop this spring and stand on this mythical beast for yourself. Omen also brought down some very unique double kicks. What’s so unique about these double kicks? They have your favorite Omen graphics on them!



2015 omen gryphon longboard






Free Wheel Co cropped up in 2014, there are so many wheel companies out there, I was curious to see what the guys at Free Wheel Co would bring to the table. To their credit they blew me away with how well they achieved their goal. They created a wheel that will literally dump loads of thane. Their goal was to make a wheel capable of coring in a single jam packed sesh, and they did not disappoint.



We were also lucky enough to see what Free Wheel Co has in the works for 2015. They brought some green protos that look super promising.

Never Summer Longboards

I personally love Never Summer Longboards. I picked up the Never Summer Swift a couple years back, and I fell in love. They make some of the highest quality snowboards around, and their skill & expertise carried over into their longboard manufacturing capabilities. Their 2015 line is comprised of primarily hardcore stiff downhill longboards. Only 1 of their boards was a flexy deck, so if you’re looking to step up your downhill game give Never Summer a shot. Especially the superfreak! That deck looks like a LEGIT freeride machine.

2015 never summer longboards




2015 neversummer superfreak freeride


Aera Trucks

The trucks everybody loves so much just got even better! The Legit team was lucky enough to geek out longboard tech with the 2014 IDF World Champ Kevin “K-Rimes” Reimer. We talked about everything from racing, to how much R&D goes into each generation of Aera trucks. One of the biggest suprises was the fact that the next generation of Aeras will have different anodized color combinations! We’re happy to see Aera trucks back in production & coming out with some of the best trucks on the market.

2015 aera truck













Abec 11 / Liquid Trucks

There has never been a better time to buy precision trucks. Owner of Abec 11 wheel company sat down with us & talked tech about Precision trucks, rake, pivot cups, support pins, bushings, & more. If you have ever wondered what makes Liquid trucks so special, it’s the fact that every single aspect about them can be specifically dialed for rider specifications. Liquid trucks go so far as to offer riders the option of mixing and matching their base plates with say your favorite Caliber hanger.

He also hinted at some rumors for 2015: mini momos 😉

liquid precision longboard trucks

chris chaput abec 11 agenda

liquid precision hangers

Paris / Divine Wheel Co

2015 city slashers

2015 divine longboard wheels

2015 paris trucks

2015 savants

paris savants trucks

paris savant forged trucks

paris savants trucks


Protec Helmets




Gravity Longboards







Predator Helmets





2015 Agenda Trade Show

hook ups skateboards



image1 (5)

image1 (7)

image2 (4)

image2 (5)

image2 (6)











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