2014 Agenda Longboard Trade Show

My favorite time of year the Agenda Trade Show. Reps and Owners from big and small companies all over the nation make their way to Long Beach, CA to show the skate and longboard community what they have for us in 2014.

As we made our way through the cluster F*ck of people the first booth that caught my eye were my friends at Arka Clothing. I’ve known the owner of Arka for almost my entire life, and could honestly say he’s one of the funniest people I know. Their clothing company offers high quality shirts with legit designs.


Landyachtz Longboards

As I made my way to the Landyachtz booth we saw some familiar faces, Liam Morgan was nice enough to take a pic.

liam morgan longboarder

Landyachtz has big things for us in 2014, they brought out their entire quiver. I’m most excited about the Fiberglass Freedom Series, Bamboo Freedom Series, Progression Series, who am I kidding every single longboard they had on display looked fun to ride.


I’m a big fan of the 2013 El Barbaro deck, happy to see the 2014 edition got a nice face lift; Landyachtz gave the deck a badass new graphic. The Dhingy series also got a face lift, my favorite one being the “Hot Sauce” graphic. Siracha makes life taste better, I’m looking forward to spicing up my quiver with the “Hot Sauce Dhingy”.

The Bear Line of trucks now comes in a wide variety of colors including green, blue, red, and SPACE! The highlight of the Bear line was the precision truck. I was recently asked what I thought would be the biggest thing in 2014, and my answer is precision trucks. With Abec11, Bear, Ronin, PNL, all making precision trucks the amount of competition has never been higher. Competition leads to innovation, hopefully some game changing stuff hits the market this spring.

Rayne Longboards

I spent a good amount of time at both the Rayne Booth, and at their new distributor’s booth NHS. I’ll start with the Rayne booth, Levi Green and the gang from Rayne were chilling there throughout the day. Featuring their 2012 lineup, along with special edition mini rayne cuts. Levi showed me two decks he was especially proud of, one being the one of the first decks Rayne ever produced. The second being the Timeline deck featuring Jesus holding a boombox. Rayne has some of my favorite graphics, their decks feature an innovative verticle plys vs the traditional horizontal layering of different plys.

Abec 11 / Jet / Sk8 Trip

Spent a good deal of time at the Sk8 Trip booth, super excited about Abec11’s new line of precision trucks. These trucks are CNC Machined right here in Huntington Beach, CA. These trucks are damn near 100% customizable! For starters the hangers are available in 21 different widths! From 100mm -> 200mm growing in increments of 5mm (105, 110, 115, etc…)

They feature a sliding kingpin system, this allows the trucks to maintain the degree of the turn all the way through. Another unique feature is the equal compression on the bushings all the way through. Traditional trucks the kingpin compresses the bushings. As you tighten them one of the bushings get more of the force than the other, equal compression eliminates this problem offer riders a truck that allows hard bushings to feel feel soft, yet still offer the stability they desire for downhill skate application.

Abec11 had their signature wheels on display, hinting at the possibility of more special edition runs of our favorite Abec11 formulas. I’m stoked on this, the Amber Flashbacks have been some of my favorite wheels I’ve ever skated.

The booth also featured tons of blank Jet decks highlighting the new shapes Jet boards will have in 2014. Alongside the blanks were banners featuring new graphics, although it wasn’t clear which boards the new graphics belonged too, I liked what I saw and am excited for the upcoming spring line of Jet longboards.

Venom / Madrid / Rogue / Ronin / Valhala / Cadillac Wheels



I was honored to speak with one of the co-founders of Bustin, definitely excited about what they have planned for 2014. For starters they will have two versions of the Bustin Maestro, one will be the 2013 model, and the second will be the brand new 2014 model. Another bombshell that was dropped was that there will be a Bustin Sportster 33in this spring! We liked what we saw at the Bustin booth, you can expect to see Bustin Boards in Legit Board Shop this spring!


2014 Agenda Longboard Trade Show




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