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Mission: Legit Longboard Gear

Hi, my name is Raffi G. I’m the owner of Legit Board Shop. I would like to thank you for supporting my small shop. Without your support, none of this would be possible. When I first launched this company, I didn’t do it with profits in mind. My goal has always been to support American companies within the longboarding community. Companies such as DB Longboards, Churchill MFG, Omen Longboards, Abec 11, Comet Skateboards, and many more. I know how hard these manufacturers work to make such high quality products, despite their competitors outsourcing their manufacturing overseas. American manufacturers are forced to cut their margins to stay competitive.

After years of promoting this mission, I’m faced with a tough decision. Do I continue with the course I started with or change directions? I’m asked every single week about why I don’t carry Bones, Caliber, or Paris trucks. The longboarding community has very little options when it comes to American made trucks or bearings, which has previously forced me to limit the selection I can offer.

After asking over a dozen pro riders their thoughts on Chinese made bearings and trucks they all had the same thing to say. As a result I will start carrying  trucks and bearings that were manufactured overseas. I will only carry brands that I personally ride and that carry the highest reputations within the longboarding community. The brands I have been requested the most are Caliber Trucks, Bones Bearings, Magic Bearings, and Zealous Bearings. I am working toward carrying these brands by the start of the spring season.

One thing I can promise you is that I will NOT start carrying longboards made in China. There are far too many honest, hard working, manufacturers located in the United States & Canada that need our support. For all those that have stuck with me from the start, I promise you I still wake up every morning with the drive to better serve the longboarding community. This year, I plan on giving back to the community with giveaways, sponsorships (both events & riders), and I will write even more informative blogs.

With your continued support, anything is possible for Legit Boardshop!

Legal Stuff & Return Policy

Some brands offer lifetime warranties, if something ends up having a manufacturer defect contact the manufacturer directly to have them fix it. Legit Board Shop doesn’t offer a warranty, however we do offer a money back guarantee on Exemius Fluid X.  I accept returns if emailed within 24 hours of receiving the package (email: legitboardshop@gmail.com). I will request some pictures, and then email a shipping label The Item Purchased Must Be In New Condition.

I’m a small shop, please be honest, if a car ran over your board that is something I can’t accept a refund for. If there is nothing wrong with the board, and you would like to send it back that is no problem, however there is a 10% restock fee. Just email: legitboardshop@gmail.com.

Longboarding can be dangerous, please skate within your limits, within your lane, and always protect your lid by wearing a helmet.